Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Quick Note On $175,000

I keep hearing that no one in the state should make more than the Governor, and that the Governor only makes $175,000 a year.

But the Governor also gets to live in Drumthwacket, the Governor's mansion, on the taxpayers' dime. And unless I miss my guess, that mansion comes with a staff, that includes meal preparation. And I'm pretty sure the Governor gets a car and driver on the taxpayers' dime.

So unless and until someone calculates the value of all those non-salary benefits that the Governor gets, I'm done with discussion of the $175,000 cap.

1 comment:

  1. I'm no fan of the Governor, but to be fair, he has chosen not to live in Drumthwacket.

    BTW, the highest paid NJ state employee is not the governor, its Greg Schiano - the Rutgers football coach.

    We would still be better off with Jon Corzine as governor - even if he took the full salary instead of the $1 per year that he actually was paid.