Sunday, September 19, 2010

Prediction: Michelle Rhee Coming To Newark

This week, the District of Columbia held a momentous Democratic mayoral primary. Incumbent Adrian Fenty lost the nomination to challenger D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray. As Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee was vocal in her support of Fenty over Gray, scuttlebutt is that Ms. Rhee, widely seen as the national face of education reform, will soon be looking for a new job.

Governor Christie has publicly announced that he will be using Newark as a testing ground for his views on education reform, and that he will be replacing Clifford T. Janey as Newark Schools Superintendent. Ms. Rhee succeeded Mr. Janey as Chancellor in D.C., and my bet is that she will be succeeding him as Newark Superintendent as well.

My biggest question is whether or not Ms. Rhee will get a bigger salary than the Governor. Fortunately for both Ms. Rhee and Governor Christie, the Newark Superintendent position is exempt from the new $175,000 salary cap.

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