Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MIchelle Rhee Will Not Be Newark's Next Superintendent

OK, I admit it, I was wrong. Michelle Rhee will not be coming to Newark as the new superintendent. She may, however, become the State's new Education Commissioner -- but probably not.

The unofficial "official" story is that Rhee does not want to come to New Jersey for family reasons -- her husband, Kevin Johnson, is the mayor of Sacramento, CA. Something else is in play here, clearly, as it is nonsensical to assert that D.C. was not too far from Sacramento but Newark and Trenton are. My gut tells me that Ms. Rhee wants to be the only superstar in town, and that sharing the stage with Chris Christie and Cory Booker is not optimal in her view.

So now we wait to see who Booker and Christie tap for the highest profile superintendent gig in the nation, and who Christie gets to sit on the Commissioner hotseat formerly belonging to Bret Schundler.

UPDATE -- The Wall Street Journal reports that Ms. Rhee is engaged to the mayor of Sacramento, not married -- so my dismissal of the "family time" discussion above doesn't actually hold water. The Journal also reports that Governor Christie says he never offered Ms. Rhee a job, despite reports to the contrary in the national press.

At this point, this whole story reminds me of 6 year olds playing soccer. You know there has to be a ball in there somewhere, because everyone's kicking at something, but clearly no one has a grasp on the game.

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