Monday, November 15, 2010

So Much For Smaller Government

New Jersey's Casino Control Commission is an independent agency which is in, but not of, the Department of Treasury. The CCC is responsible for administering the Casino Control Act and its regulations, and for supporting the tourist and convention capabilities of Atlantic City. The 5 members of the independent CCC are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate, and no more than 3 members may be from any given political party. The CCC shares its regulatory authority with the Division of Gaming Enforcement, which is a division within the office of the Attorney General.

The Christie administration has prepared draft legislation which would limit the role of the CCC to casino licensing, and consolidate all other CCC functions within the Division of Gaming Enforcement. Thus, in large part, the CCC would join the Inspector General and the Medicaid Inspector General as independent agencies which have been brought under the control of the executive branch. Governor Christie has also proposed bringing all county prosecutors under the jurisdiction of the Attorney General and eliminating the sole remaining independent investigative agency, the State Commission of Investigations.

At what point do people start to notice that the man who campaigned for smaller government is intent on expanding the executive branch at every turn?

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