Friday, May 7, 2010

Christie Karma

Scant days after Governor Christie chose to remove Justice John Wallace from the State Supreme Court for legislating from the bench, a three judge panel of the Appellate Division has moved to stop the Governor from legislating from his office.

Labor unions are no friend to Republican Chris Christie; businesses are.  And while a 2004 campaign finance reform law restricted the ability of companies which do business with the State to make campaign contributions, unions face no such restrictions.  So, almost immediately upon taking office (January 20, 2010), the Governor signed an Executive Order expanding the law to place the same campaign finance restrictions on unions as it does on companies doing business with the State.

But the Appellate Division has ruled that the only governmental body which can amend a law is the body that enacted the law -- the legislature.

Reportedly, the Governor's office had no comment on whether or not it would appeal the decision to the State Supreme Court.  But I sure hope there is an appeal, and then I want to be a fly on the wall in the Supreme Court when the Justices, in unison, wag their fingers at the State attorney and say "Nyah nyah Nyah nyah NYAH nyah!"

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