Thursday, May 13, 2010

Public School Protest vs. Private School Rally

A few weeks ago, public school students across New Jersey walked out of their classrooms in protest of Governor Christie's reduction in school aid.  In response, the Governor was widely reported as saying the student should not have left the classroom, but should have protested after school; and he accused the teachers' union of aiding and abetting the student walk-out.

Today, private school students rallied in Trenton to show support for the Governor's school voucher bill.  These students were bused in by their schools and accompanied by their teachers.  I can't wait for the Governor's rebuke of these private schools and their teachers.

What I can't understand is, why are these private school students rallying?  Current private school students aren't eligible for vouchers -- only students in failing public schools can enter a lottery for a voucher.  Are these students that anxious to have classmates from Newark and Camden?  My guess is that the kids got to get out of school today and so they would pretty much rally for anything.

There are a lot more sad and cynical points to be made here, but they pretty much make themselves.

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