Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quote Of Note: Tom Emmer Gets It Right

Minnesota is becoming my favorite state (next to New Jersey, that is).

In November, both houses of Minnesota's legislature went from Democratic majorities to Republican control. However, the governorship went from a Republican to a Democrat, by a narrow margin. I find that fascinating.

Regarding the gubernatorial election, yesterday Republican Tom Emmer conceded to Democrat Mark Dayton after a recount confirmed Dayton's razor-thin lead. In so doing, Emmer precluded the possibility that Minnesota's next governor would not be seated by January 3rd, leaving Republican Tim Pawlenty in the governor's chair until the election was resolved. Such an outcome would have echoed Minnesota's contested 2008 senatorial campaign, which caused an 8 month delay in seating Senator Al Franken.

The Wall Street Journal quotes Emmer as saying the following:

"Some have suggested that I should consider contesting the election, if any good faith basis exists, because Minnesota might then have a Republican governor and a Republican legislature until this contest is resolved. I disagree. We must address questions raised by recent elections in this state, but I do not believe a delay in seating the next governor will help unite us or move our state forward."

We should all applaud Mr. Dayton's decision to put the interests of Minnesota voters over his personal ambitions and partisan politics. In so doing, he proves himself to be someone who belongs in elected office and we should all look forward to his future electoral successes.

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