Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Will Barbour's Flub Be Christie's Gain?

In a previous post I posited that Chris Christie would not run for president in 2012 because Haley Barbour was running. As head of the Republican Governor's Association, Barbour spent $7 million on Christie's gubernatorial campaign, Barbour has proven to be a staunch Christie supporter, creating a 20 minute RGA infomercial on Christie's election. And since Christie is primarily a fundraiser, he will never bite any hand that feeds him; thus, he is not about to challenge Barbour for the Republican nomination.

But it seems Mr. Barbour has made some racially insensitive comments, saying (among other things) that he didn't remember segregation as being so bad. It may be that Barbour's best contribution to the 2012 campaign would be as fundraiser.

So, should Barbour concede that he is not ready for prime time, would he support a Christie run?

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